Wiley Residential Wildlife Control

As a family-owned company, we never subject wildlife or our customers to unnecessary stress. We are familiar with humane and non-lethal removal methods, enabling us to treat the animals humanely without compromising our clients' properties. Our Wiley residential wildlife control technicians take thorough approaches for maximum benefits instead of doing the minimum for short-lived reprieve. With our experience in handling bats, rats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and other wildlife, you can be sure that your property is in good hands. 


·   Trapping: At Wildlife X Team of Texoma, we have diverse tools and personnel to help us eliminate all wildlife issues stress-free. We apply specific techniques to trap the animals without causing them any harm – we capture and handle them safely while preventing them from causing more damage to your property. We consider all possibilities before setting up a trap for the critters.

  • Removal: We know how expensive and extensive Wiley residential wildlife control can be, which is why we choose appropriate removal techniques for every animal species. For instance, skunks are more difficult to handle, making their removal more challenging and expensive. We plan our approaches according to the specific circumstances, such as the damage extent and threat from the animal.

·   Exclusion: Deterring recurrent entrance of animals into your home is a critical step that influences the quality standards of wildlife control services. We do not underestimate or ignore that vital step because we aim to give lasting reassurance that wildlife infiltration will not be regular.


We aspire to be different from other wildlife removal companies in the region. We handle a range of wildlife commonly found in Texas and can properly dispose of the carcasses. However, we do not remove dead domestic animals; for instance, we do not handle dead pets. Our other services include:

·   Attic restoration

  • Clean up after the critters
  • Attic insulation removal, repair & installation

·   Foundation vent repair

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Do not ignore critter problems if you suspect they have invaded your space. Our friendly Wiley residential wildlife control experts will make your home safe, providing the comfort and peace you deserve. Enjoy affordable services with unbeatable customer service when you call us.