Wiley Mice Exterminator Services

The need for Wiley mice exterminator services will remain if you own a home in Texas. This is because mice and other animals tend to escape from their natural surroundings and into human living areas in search of better living conditions. Common signs that mice have invaded your home include a foul smell from your attic caused by either mice droppings or dead mice and unusual movements in hidden places in your house. We can provide proper solutions to keep mice at bay and give you the comfort you deserve in your home.

What we do

Wildlife X Team of Texoma offers high-quality Wiley mice exterminator services, thanks to our team of experts with the best techniques to get rid of live mice and dispose of dead ones. We carry out inspections to determine the extent of the task ahead and to develop an accurate quote. Understanding the amount of workforce required helps us achieve the best outcome. 

How we do what we do

We use various techniques to deliver exceptional mice exterminator services in Wiley TX, and keep the rodents from returning to your house. We follow three processes: trapping, which helps us catch the mice humanely; exclusion, which deals with entryways to reduce chances of the critters reinfesting your property; and sanitation, which ensures your indoor air quality and surroundings are free of pathogens. We also eliminate odor from animal droppings and repair any damage the rodents cause to various materials like insulation. We adopt modern methods with proven effectiveness to keep mice away. 


Our mice exterminator services in Wiley TX can benefit you in several ways, with the best advantage being disease prevention. Eliminating the mice yourself can expose you to the numerous pathogens they carry, posing a health risk that could impact your entire family. Our professionals are also more thorough because we have the equipment and skills to complete the job quickly without forfeiting quality. We deliver numerous services, including:

  • Caulking and foaming
  • Vent guards and chimney caps installation
  • ·Siding repair


Contact us at 580-980-2538 for the best Wiley mice exterminator services. Our crew will conduct an in-house assessment and recommend the best solution.