Wichita Falls Attic Insulation Contractors

Are your utility bills skyrocketing, but you cannot pinpoint why? Maybe you have noticed weird sounds coming from hidden places in your house. Your insulation may be compromised by wildlife, in which case you might need new blown-in attic insulation. You can hire Wichita Falls attic insulation contractors to handle that insulation installation, effectively restoring optimal temperatures in your house or business premises. 


  • Energy-Savings – Insulation prevents indoor air from escaping while shielding outdoor air from seeping into the house. That is how sufficient insulation keeps the temperature optimal and saves energy. You can make long-term savings from less energy usage, which makes replacing torn or contaminated insulation worthwhile, with the help of our seasoned attic insulation contractors in Wichita Falls TX.
  • Allergy Reduction – Attic insulation can prevent allergens from reaching the rest of the house, but contaminated insulation poses a health risk to you and your loved ones. Any material that contains animal droppings or urine causes a stench and disease-causing elements to cover the entire house, which can be worse for people with allergies. New insulation solves the problem by creating safe and healthier surroundings.
  • Moisture Reduction – Our attic insulation contractors in Wichita Falls TX understand the role of insulation in moisture control and mold prevention. We do the installations perfectly and put in measures to prevent wildlife infestations that could compromise the insulation again.


Wildlife X Team of Texoma offers the most hassle-free way of improving energy efficiency in your home. Our experts strive for extraordinary results by using superior materials coupled with skilled labor. We have won several awards and credentials because of our stellar performance in wildlife control and home repairs. Our skills can serve you if:

  • You require emergency insulation installation
  • You prefer thorough prevention options
  • You think your property is at risk


We aim to help you save money by installing insulation that remains functional for a long time and ensuring wildlife does not infiltrate your attic again. For trusted Wichita Falls attic insulation contractors, call  580-980-2538.