Tyler Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife X Team of Texoma is a company that values your comfort and investment. As a veteran-owned enterprise, we take pride in ensuring your business or home remains in the best condition after removing unwanted wildlife. We offer comprehensive Tyler wildlife removal services, including repairs on damaged areas such as sidings, walls, and ceilings. We aim to prevent disease spread from the wildlife and strive to prevent the recurrence of intrusion.



·   Roof and Attic Restoration – Attics are usually unused in most homes, making them great hiding places for bats, rats, and rodents that sometimes chew insulation and other fixtures. Roofing fixtures like gutters also provide safety for birds and rodents, making them susceptible to damage. Our crew can do a thorough inspection to determine the issues before cleaning droppings, sanitizing the areas, and fixing the damage.

  • Crawl Space and Wall Repair – Crawl spaces also make excellent nesting places. We can screen the foundation vents, repair the damaged insulation or pipes, and seal all holes in those areas. We finish with exclusion to ensure the property remains safe for your loved ones.

·   The Chimney Cap and Screen Installation – The chimney serves as a shelter for most animals. Raccoons, bats, rats, and birds can create their nests in the chimney from where they can wreak havoc on the rest of the house. Installing chimney caps or screens is one of the effective deterrent methods. Our team is experienced in multiple chimney repair alternatives and will ensure the fixture remains in tip-top condition.



Our Tyler wildlife removal services include cleaning up, sanitizing, and disinfecting the property after removing the wildlife. We can also remove dead wildlife and clear all droppings. Apart from being the best at what we do, we strive for outstanding customer service. Additional reasons you should choose us are:

·   Humane animal removal

  • Free thorough in-house inspections

·   30 to 90-day guarantee for some repairs



Our highly-trained team will come to your aid whether or not it is an emergency. High ratings on Angie and other sites are a testament to the excellence of our Tyler wildlife removal services. Call 580-980-2538 today.