Tyler Raccoon Removal Services

As a veteran-owned company with a proven history of meeting client expectations, we encounter various wildlife issues and questions from our clients, as listed below. We have mastered the art of dealing with each issue, enabling us to become one of the top-rated wildlife removal companies in the region, whether you call us for Tyler raccoon removal services for a church, commercial building, or your house.

Should you remove a raccoon yourself?

Raccoons may seem friendly or docile, but their sharp teeth and claws make them dangerous. They can bite or scratch, especially when showing signs of aggression. The animals may also transfer disease-causing parasites to you when you get close. That is why rescuing them is not a good idea, even if it is stuck on the chimney or anywhere on your property. Professional raccoon removal services in Tyler TX keep you from taking chances with them.

How can I identify a raccoon?

Typically, raccoons have grey-colored fur with black circles around their eyes. They also have long tails that may have black or brown rings. Their hands are similar to human hands, with fingers and thumbs that help them open dumpsters as they scavenge for food. The chances of spotting them are usually minimal because they are more active at night.

What can you do, and how much will it cost me?

We secure the animals safely and humanely for removal. We also provide exclusion, sanitation, and waste removal services to ensure your home remains safe and secure. Although we cannot predict when wildlife will infest your property or guarantee they will not return, we still aim to deliver Tyler raccoon removal services that will give long-term reprieve.


When ignored, raccoons can cause a myriad of problems, such as:

●  Destroying your garden and yard

  • Passing infections and illnesses to you and your loved ones

●  Contaminating the air quality with their excretions

All these issues can have lasting impacts on your well-being, but they can be avoided with swift raccoon removal services in Tyler TX. 


Do you suspect the presence of critters in your attic, crawl space, air ducts, or anywhere else in your home? Reliable Tyler raccoon removal services are available. Call 580-980-2538 for the Wildlife X Team of Texoma crew.