Sherman Residential Wildlife Control

Wildlife has become a regular intruder in human living spaces, making wildlife removal the only option. Critters can cause irrefutable damage when left to thrive in residential properties, with their impact ranging from minimal to severe. In worst cases, the wildlife can multiply, chew electrical wires to cause a fire hazard, or cause diseases through feces and urine. However, we can prevent all that. Our Sherman residential wildlife control has made us the preferred partner when wild animals infest homes, and we do not disappoint.



Whether they are rodents, squirrels, bats, or opossums, our team of residential wildlife control in Sherman TX will remove them quickly and humanely. We aim to minimize your exposure to the disease-causing parasites the animals may introduce in your living areas. 

Sanitation and Waste Removal

Deep cleaning and sanitizing animal-infested surfaces and rooms is a mandatory part of our Sherman residential wildlife control process. It is one of the surest ways of ascertaining your safety.

Damage Repair

The longer the animals have been on your property, the more extensive the damage. Our comprehensive inspection can unleash all hidden areas that need repairs, and our dedicated team will fix them.


Wildlife X Team of Texoma offers inspections before and after the job. We only bring experts on board our team for the best results. We simplify residential wildlife control through affordable services and have advanced equipment to tackle any animal nuisance. Our team has the skills to manage the tools and the experience to solve problems that arise during removal. 

  • We clean up after removing the animals
  • We conduct a final inspection to confirm the complete removal of critters
  • We apply various deterrent methods to discourage re-infestation


Although we offer the most competitive prices, the specific amount varies depending on the service. For instance, removing a skunk costs slightly more than eliminating rodents. Our team will give you an accurate estimate after assessing the situation. We also offer inspection reports with our findings after investigating the problem source and other issues. Contact us today -  580-980-2538. Our Sherman residential wildlife control is the perfect solution.