Sherman Mice Exterminator Services

Most homeowners can never handle wildlife or the mayhem they can cause inside homes, especially tiny critters like mice that can cause extensive damage within a short period. Having reliable Sherman mice exterminator services can bring comfort and peace of mind.


  • Mouse urine is visible under a black light: Thorough inspection by a professional is always the best way of dealing with suspicions of rodent infestation, but urine from a mouse can also help you make an early discovery. Mouse urine contains amino acids that glow under black light, although that is not a foolproof method of confirming that mice have invaded your home.
  • Mice reproduce numerous offspring quickly: Mice have a short gestation period of 3 weeks, giving birth to a litter of 5-6 pups at a time. Moreover, they can mate immediately after giving birth, and the young ones reach sexual maturity in 6-8 weeks. Therefore, they can multiply very quickly if left unchecked. The young ones also carry a lot of germs that can contaminate the indoor air, causing respiratory issues and increased allergic reactions. One mouse can carry up to 200 human pathogens - another reason to get mice exterminator services in Sherman TX.
  • Mice eat a lot: As active rodents, mice spend a lot of energy that they replenish by eating more. One mouse can eat between 15 to 20 times daily, consuming approximately 0.15g per meal. They can cause extensive damage if you ignore them instead of getting Sherman mice exterminator services. Mice also tend to build their nests close to their food source and release a lot of droppings.


Wildlife X Team of Texoma is available to meet wildlife removal and control needs. We pride ourselves on preventing disease spread by wildlife, repairing damage, and making living spaces safe and contamination-free by critters. Our offers include:

  • Free inspections and quotes
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Except for wildlife removal, we offer a 30 to 90-day guarantee and up to a year, depending on the service.


Our Sherman mice exterminator services include removing dead wildlife and fixing damage by the critters. Our team can provide more information or guidelines on dealing with specific issues you may experience. Call 580-980-2538 - Wildlife X Team of Texoma.