Rowlett Wildlife Removal Services

As a top-rated company with a solid reputation in the industry, Wildlife X Team of Texoma does not compromise quality service delivery for any reason. We follow a systematic process when handling wildlife, ensuring we remove them safely and put preventive measures in place. Our Rowlett wildlife removal services always begin with an inspection and end with sanitation. That first step is critical to us as it determines the entire process.



·   Determining the Threat Level – An inspection before wildlife removal services in Rowlett TX enables determination of the threat level. We look for signs of animal presence and pinpoint their location. We also consider the potential danger and likelihood of the animal causing physical harm. 

  • Identifying the Specie – An inspection helps to identify the animal species. We commonly encounter rats, bats, raccoons, skunks, and birds. This step enables us to decide on suitable humane removal methods and management techniques that can stop the return of the animals. We also consider possible recurrence, especially if the animals are seasonal. 

·   Weighing Possible Solutions – We consider several factors before providing Rowlett wildlife removal services. We endeavor to use humane techniques, including modifying the property surrounding. We choose methods that solve the root cause rather than the signs only.



We are a family-owned company, so we treat our clients' properties like ours. We provide inspections and estimates, highlighting the scope of work and cost. We have maintained exceptional services over the years, thanks to our high training level and experience. The ability to deliver superior wildlife removal services in Rowlett TX has also enabled us to retain our solid reputation and high ratings on Angie. 

Animal removal services you can get from us hassle-free are:

·   Caulking and foaming

  • Foundation vent repair
  • Attic and roof repair
  • Insulation removal and installation

·   Cleanup and sanitation



Our processes include trapping the animals, waste removal, and exclusion. These three steps enable us to eliminate wildlife from your property indelibly, giving you the lasting relief you deserve. You can reach us at 580-980-2538 for Rowlett wildlife removal services that will surpass your expectations.