Rowlett Wildlife Control Companies

Wildlife intrusion in your home or business area can be frustrating, with the possibility of extensive damage increasing over time. The longer you ignore the presence of unwanted animals, the higher the chances of spending more money on repairs. Rowlett wildlife control companies provide an easier way out. You can get stress-free services, including the restoration of damaged sections and the prevention of future infestation. Wildlife X Team of Texoma is one such company.



●      Wildlife Removal and Prevention – Applying humane methods is a priority for many wildlife control companies in Rowlett TX, including us. We endeavor to restore normalcy without mistreating the animals. We also implement preventive measures such as enclosing openings the animals might use to access the premises and inspecting the area to confirm everything is in order.

●      Restorations and Repairs – Our restoration services include exclusion, whereby we disinfect and spray all the areas affected by the animals. That comes after ensuring we clear off all excrement. We also conduct repairs, sealing off all entry points and fixing damages. We repair roofs, vents, attics, walls, and chimneys and install new insulations.

●      Installations – We are one of the few Rowlett wildlife control companies conversant with the installation of features after repair. We can redo your walls, siding, and installation. We leave your property in a better condition than we found it. 



Sometimes wildlife intrusion can remain undetected for a long time, allowing animals to destroy fixtures on your property. Our fast-responding team can put your mind at ease by applying corrective measures to clear their possible hiding spaces. We understand that the signs may not be obvious sometimes. That is why we show up, even if you only have suspicions. 

Contact us if:

●      You see animal excrement

●      Spot the animal in your attic, walls, or any other area

●      You notice chewed wires, flickering lights, or unstable air conditioning



We handle the animals humanely but try to keep them from returning to your home or business area. We have the skills and tools to handle all jobs, no matter the scope. Call 580-980-2538 if you have been searching for Rowlett wildlife control companies with unrivaled quality services.