Rowlett Attic Restoration Services

Attics are typically dark, humid, and hot, making them a perfect thriving ground for most wildlife. Small animals consider such places a sanctuary where they can nest and raise their young. Apart from the annoying sounds and odor, rats, bats, raccoons, squirrels, and opossums can chew on wires and cause other damage in the attic. Our Rowlett attic restoration services can solve such issues, but it helps to know when to seek professional assistance.


  • High energy bills: The insulation helps regulate indoor temperatures, meaning any damage to the insulation interferes with indoor comfort levels. This translates to over-reliance on heating units and high energy consumption. Our team can replace the insulation and any other damaged sections to boost energy efficiency. 
  • When you see nests: Rodents are notorious for nesting in the attic, where they get into nooks and crannies. They can use materials in the attic, such as cardboard boxes or clothes, to create nests or access ductwork to hide their young. Whatever the case, attic restoration services in Rowlett TX should be a priority.
  • Visible animal droppings: Common issues with animal droppings are stench and parasites. However, the waste can also contaminate wood framing in the attic as it decomposes, compromising the structural integrity. We can remove the droppings, sanitize the area, and replace or repair any damaged sections to make the attic look brand new. 


We understand that sometimes you may want to try and solve the issue yourself. However, waiting until the problem worsens is never advisable. The best option is to find suitable Rowlett attic restoration services as soon as you notice signs of rodents. Indications of animal infestation in your attic include:

  • Unstable lights due to chewed electrical wires
  • A dysfunctional air conditioning unit from chewed cables
  • Animal feces and noises in the attic


Restoration, decontamination, and sanitization are key areas we focus on during Rowlett attic restoration services. Wildlife X Team of Texoma remains your reliable partner, offering a 30 to 90-day guarantee depending on the type of work done. Reach us at  580-980-2538.