Rockwall Residential Wildlife Control

Are you worried that wild animals are sharing your space? You may feel frustrated because the critters keep returning, no matter your efforts to keep them away. A better solution is available at Wildlife X Team of Texoma. We offer efficient Rockwall residential wildlife control that will make your life peaceful for many years.

Can you trust us?

We are one of the best in the industry for a good reason. According to our ratings on Angie, we have a solid reputation and do what we can to maintain it. We also pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service because we hold our clients in high regard. We provide services we are proud of and maintain accountability if the unexpected happens.

How can you tell you need residential wildlife control in Rockwall TX?

Signs of animal infestation manifest in various ways to different homeowners. The most common ones include weird sounds, which may be scratching, tapping, or squealing, odor, lights going off and on from rodents chewing wires, A/C malfunctioning from rodents eating soy-covered electrical wires, or animal feces on the floor. You may also have a visual confirmation of the problem by witnessing a raccoon on the kitchen table, a bird flying in through an open window, or rodents in the kitchen. A company specializing in residential wildlife control in Rockwall TX can inspect your house and remove the animals humanely.

Do you handle all types of animals?

We handle a variety of wild animals, including bats, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, skunks, and beavers. We can also remove dead animals unless they are pets – we do not dispose of domestic animals. We formulate a suitable removal plan after confirming the wildlife species. 


Balancing humane animal control methods with quality results is challenging, and non-professionals may not succeed. However, our dedicated team can make a noticeable difference whenever you need us. We offer:

  • Wildlife exclusion
  • Chimney cap and screening
  • Clean up after the critters
  • Many others


You can find the best Rockwall residential wildlife control at  580-980-2538. Get started today and experience the difference.