Nacogdoches Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that can cause significant damage before you realize they are on your property. They not only invade your home in search of what to eat but also bring anything, from dirt to wood pieces, into your yard. That, and their ability to spread illnesses, necessitates Nacogdoches raccoon removal services. 

●  What can you do?

We can prevent disease spread and further damage by removing the raccoons humanely. Our services include trapping the raccoons and removing them, cleaning the areas, sealing all holes that can serve as entry points, repairing the damage, and making the property less attractive to wildlife. Our approach makes our raccoon removal services in Nacogdoches TX effective, translating to more value for money.

●  How much does it cost?

Raccoon removal costs depend on how dire the situation is, which is determined by the damage extent. However, as a family-owned business, we take pride in offering reasonable charges backed by a guarantee for all repairs. Since we value transparency, our crew will assess the damage before giving a price estimate. We schedule a one-on-one inspection as soon as you contact us.

●  How quickly can you solve the problem?

If you are like some of our clients who prefer to know how long it may take to deal with raccoons, our team is in the best position to assist you. The timelines differ with every situation, but we never rush or offer solutions that cater to immediate problems only. Our Nacogdoches raccoon removal services aim to provide long-term reprieve.


You can never go wrong with a reliable team with the training to control wildlife humanely. Our raccoon removal services in Nacogdoches TX stand out because of our customer satisfaction rate. Our experience and knowledge will spare you from the disappointment of failed raccoon removal tactics – you do not have to do the bare minimum or wait until the problem worsens. We can:

●  Take thorough action that protects your property

  • Instill preventive measures for future protection

●  Guarantee lasting results on all repairs done


For reliable Nacogdoches raccoon removal services near me, contact Wildlife X Team of Texoma at 580-980-2538. You will get an inspection and estimate.