Marshall Mice Exterminator Services

If you hear unusual noises in your attic or walls, our Marshall mice exterminator services might be for you. We are one of the top companies you can depend on to reduce conflict between wildlife and humans. We have worked with numerous clients, upholding strict quality standards and following due process in every job.


  • Identify the animal: Our first step is determining if the rodent is a mouse or rat. We also establish what attracts the rodents to the house and their entry points. We follow the indications from the description of our clients, such as noises in the attic, compromised electrical wires from chewing, animal feces, and sounds in walls or crawl spaces. Our expertise and experience help us with the identification process.
  • Plan formulation: Mice exterminator services in Marshall TX involve several systematic steps to achieve one goal. However, customization is still critical as it ensures tailored solutions. Our technicians create various wildlife removal plans according to specific animal species. For instance, we do not use the same methods for mice and squirrels or rats and skunks. We handle every issue according to its uniqueness, which helps us achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Exclusion: Although we do not guarantee that the rodents will not return, we implement measures to reduce the chances of another infestation. That is why our Marshall mice exterminator services are not complete until we seal all access points. We also clean and sanitize the spaces, then repair damages by the mice.


The final step is an inspection to ensure that the job is flawless. We work closely with our customers to make sure our mice exterminator services in Marshall TX meet expectations and provide the needed protection from infestation throughout the year. We can assist if:

  • You need emergency mouse removal
  • You want preventive measures to protect your home
  • You prefer immediate temporary solutions


No job is too big or small for us. You can count on us for all Marshall mice exterminator services you may need, including dead mice removal. Outstanding services are only a phone call away at 580-980-2538. Wildlife X Team of Texoma will give you lasting mice control tips.