Longview Raccoon Removal Services

If you have noticed scurrying or thumping noises, animal feces, or sudden infections in your home, we have the team to uncover the cause. These signs usually manifest when wildlife infests living spaces, and we have the tools and knowledge to verify your suspicions. Our history in removing dead or alive wildlife safely and quickly from human habitats makes us an ideal choice for homeowners seeking Longview raccoon removal services or any other wildlife infestation solution.

About us

We are a family-owned company with carefully vetted and well-trained professionals committed to eradicating frustrations from wildlife infestation. We handle various types of animals, including squirrels, bats, mice, possums, and skunks. Our raccoon removal services in Longview TX are reliable, thanks to our fantastic customer service and expansive knowledge.

What to expect from us

Wildlife X Team of Texoma specializes in several areas, including attic restoration, insulation removal and installation, wildlife prevention, and raccoon removal services in Longview TX. Expect comprehensive services to eliminate parasites and contaminants left by the animals and their waste. We make your property sanitary for your overall well-being.

Our benefits

High-level training, industry experience, and excellent customer service are some benefits you get by hiring us. We also have excellent ratings on Angie, and we are veteran-owned and customer-focused. We get the job right the first time, correcting any mishap that arises instantly for your peace of mind. We don't rush through inspections or charge for our estimates.


Doing the bare minimum when faced with a raccoon situation may provide immediate relief, but that is only temporary. A permanent solution, which is usually available from professional Longview raccoon removal services, is advisable. Our wildlife control solutions vary with every situation, but we ensure you regain safe surroundings free of contaminants. Our process typically involves the following:

●  Trapping the animals and removing them

  • Sanitizing the area after cleaning animal droppings and urine

●  Repairing any damage and implementing prevention measures by sealing all openings wildlife can use to regain entry


Reach us via phone at 580-980-2538 for immediate critter control intervention. Our esteemed team will begin the Longview raccoon removal services with an inspection, followed by an accurate quote.