Longview Mice Exterminator Services

Most people only think of rats and mice when dealing with rodents, which is understandable given their similarities. However, the two have varying differences and require different removal approaches. Our crew can conduct an inspection and provide more information about the specific rodents in your house if you consult us for Longview mice exterminator services. We will help you distinguish the two rodents while exploring the best eradication methods.


  • Appearance: Mice are generally smaller than rats - adult mice can sometimes pass for smaller rats. Mice also have triangular noses compared to the blunt noses of rats, bigger ears, and longer tails with distinctive small heads and feet. 
  • Damage extent: Like all rodents, mice and rats can gnaw various components in your house to cause significant damage. However, mice usually have weaker teeth, which limits the items they can chew on. For instance, they may not contaminate food stored in specific containers. However, this should not lessen the need for mice exterminator services in Longview TX. Swift action is still essential in preventing further damage because milder damage by mice can still cause expensive repairs.
  • Behavior: Mice may be smaller, but they are bolder than rats. They do not shy from exploring new environments, with their curiosity leading them to traps sometimes. Mice also have better climbing skills and are more likely to infest the attic or the upper section of a house. Their smaller size also allows them to squeeze through the tiniest holes, which is why they can go unnoticed for a long time. Expert Longview mice exterminator services can help you to identify the exact rodent in your property.


As a company focusing on quality service delivery, we never take any call for granted. We separate every individual need and address it accordingly. Whether you have a rat or mouse problem, our team will ensure you get:

  • Superb customer service
  • Experienced and skilled professionals
  • Reliable solutions


If you want immediate reprieve or lasting rodent solutions, the Wildlife X Team of Texoma team will deliver according to your unique requirements. A free inspection and estimate await you when you contact 580-980-2538.