Longview Attic Restoration Services

One of the major problems with animal infestations is their ability to overrun a space. Even if you remove the critters, they can leave traces that make reclaiming your property challenging. That is why Longview attic restoration services are essential. 

As a company that has thrived in the wildlife removal and restoration industry for several years, we know the challenges property owners face when dealing with an animal infestation aftermath. We are here to reduce any related stress through exceptional restoration measures. 


  • Removal – The first step to our attic restoration services in Longview TX is inspecting the attic and removing any rodents we find. Finding their hiding places is straightforward because we know the signs animals usually leave. We follow those indications, identify the animal species, and use appropriate removal methods. 
  • Cleaning – We clear droppings and any dead wildlife we may find before sealing entry points the animals used to access the attic. Our exclusion services provide long-lasting relief and are safe, while our cleaning procedures protect you from potential health hazards associated with animal urine and droppings. Our methods are thorough and effective for your benefit. 
  • Repairs – Damaged attics tend to lose efficiency, which is one of the reasons you should schedule a restoration soon. We perform all necessary repairs, including replacing soiled or torn insulation. We also ensure no contaminants remain in the space. Our meticulous repairs will protect your property and prevent recurrent wildlife infestations, making us the perfect team for Longview attic restoration services that stand out. 


Wildlife X Team of Texoma specializes in many other services, such as:

  • Caulking and sealing
  • Vent guard installations
  • Roof Repair
  • Attic insulation installation

We apply ideal repair and restorative measures depending on the severity of the animal infestation. That is how we excel at attic restoration services in Longview TX. Our decontamination process is top-notch, just like every other service we offer. 


We believe your property can only regain its beauty when all traces of wildlife infestation are removed. We use our skills, tools, and experience to make that happen. Call  580-980-2538 if you need the best Longview attic restoration services.