Little Rock Attic Restoration Services

Our Little Rock attic restoration services involve the comprehensive cleaning, repair, and restoration of the attic space in a property that has been affected by wildlife infestations, water damage, or other forms of damage. 

Here's an overview of what our attic restoration services in Little Rock ARtypically entail:

·   Inspection and Assessment ­– The attic is inspected to evaluate the extent of damage and identify the underlying causes, such as wildlife activity, leaks, or mold growth.

  • Wildlife Removal and Exclusion – If wildlife is present or has caused damage, removal experts will safely capture and remove the animals from the attic.
  • Cleanup and Sanitation – The attic is thoroughly cleaned to remove debris, nesting materials, droppings, and any other contamination left behind by wildlife.
  • Insulation Removal and Replacement – Damaged or contaminated insulation is removed to eliminate health risks and restore energy efficiency.
  • Structural Repairs – Any structural damage caused by wildlife, water, or other factors is addressed. This may involve repairing or replacing damaged beams, trusses, sheathing, or other components to ensure the structural integrity of the attic.
  • Restoring Access Points – If access points such as attic hatches, doors, or stairs were damaged or compromised during the infestation or restoration process, they are repaired or replaced to restore safe and functional entry to the attic.

·   Wildlife Prevention Measures – To minimize the risk of future wildlife infestations, professionals may recommend and implement preventive measures such as sealing openings, installing screens or barriers, and providing guidance on property maintenance practices.

By seeking professional attic restoration services in Little Rock AR, you can ensure that your attic is properly restored, free from contaminants, and structurally sound.



Our Little Rock attic restoration services aim to restore the attic space to its pre-damaged condition, ensuring it is clean, functional, and free from health hazards. 

With so many attic restoration companies in Little Rock, what makes Wildlife X Team of Texoma stand out?

·   We are a veteran-owned attic restoration company

  • A local family-owned company
  • Excellent ratings on Angie 
  • We provide free in-person inspections and guaranteed quotes

·   We prevent disease spread by getting rid of wildlife



If you need Little Rock attic restoration services, you can rely on our experts are here for you. Reach us at 580-434-8360. We will respond immediately when you contact us.