Little Rock Attic Insulation Contractors

We have the right crew if you want reliable cleaning and sanitation with attic restoration after critter infestation. Our services include insulation replacement and repair. Our Little Rock attic insulation contractors specialize in numerous aspects of wildlife removal and property restoration, with one of our key focus areas being attic insulation removal, repair, and insulation.


  • Contamination from animal droppings: Animals often carry parasites that can cause diseases after infiltrating your house. Wildlife droppings and urine also compromise indoor air quality. Apart from the stench, animal waste can also interfere with your health. Fortunately, Little Rock attic insulation contractors can replace the soiled material for a healthier living space.
  • High energy bills: Lack of insulation causes draftiness, leading to higher energy bills as you rely more on heating units to maintain optimal temperatures. Unfortunately, animals, like squirrels, rats, and bats, can rip the insulation material apart and reduce its effectiveness, which often leads to energy loss and overcompensation by heating units. Replacing the insulation is the only way to restore energy efficiency.
  • Increased discomfort: Uneven temperature in the house is one of the effects of insufficient insulation. Unstable temperatures often get too hot or too cold, indicating insulation problems. Increased draftiness also points to the same issue. Our attic insulation contractors in Little Rock AR can assess the attic, search for signs of animal infestation, clean up, and repair damages.


As renowned attic insulation contractors in Little Rock AR, Wildlife X Team of Texoma adheres to the highest quality standards. Whether we redo your walls, repair the roof, remove and install new insulation, or remove dead wildlife, you can be sure of the best results. We offer you the following:

  • Free inspections and estimates
  • Unbeatable customer service
  • A skilled and reputable crew


We have mastered the art of good customer service and delivering permanent solutions. We have vast experience working with numerous clients and solving various wildlife issues. You can reach our Little Rock attic insulation contractors at  580-980-2538 to arrange an attic inspection and relevant services.