Durant Raccoon Removal Services

Are you struggling to eliminate raccoons from your property? Wildlife X Team of Texoma has your back. We have perfected the art of wildlife removal over the years, improving our Durant raccoon removal services by forging ways of including technology to make the process painless for the animals and effective for property owners. Our extensive knowledge of the critters is an added advantage.


●  Habitat: Racoons typically live in densely wooded areas but can adapt to live anywhere, including in urban places. Over the years, the critters have become accustomed to living close to humans because it allows them to get food suitable to their omnivorous diet. Their adaptation to urban areas is the reason for the increasing need for Durant raccoon removal services. 

  • Appearance: Different species of raccoons have varying sizes, but their noticeable masked faces remain the same from birth, and they have a thick grayish fur that covers the rest of their body. The critters use their malleable front paws to open cans and turn door knobs. The hind paws are bigger and flatter, perfect for waddling and providing support during climbing.

●  Mating and birth: Raccoons have a 9-week gestation period, during which they build dens for their expected young ones. The females give birth to multiple kits, approximately five at a go. This can be problematic without reliable raccoon removal services in Durant OK. The kits are usually hairless, blind, and deaf, but the senses quickly set in after one month.


Our history in the industry has enabled us to learn the intricate aspects of wildlife control. We do not overlook anything, starting with an inspection. We strive for quality during raccoon removal services in Durant OK, giving our clients additional advantages such as:

●  Expertise in diverse properties, from churches to schools and other commercial buildings

  • Free inspections and estimates

●  Knowledgeable crew with modern tools


We believe in transparency, honesty, and our ability to deliver outstanding Durant raccoon removal services. You can find proof of our wildlife management capacity in our reviews and customer feedback. Our team can provide more information at 580-980-2538.