Bonham Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoons, rats, skunks, bats, and other wildlife pose varying dangers that must be considered when removing them. Their bites, droppings, and ability to transport parasites make them dangerous when alive, but the issue does not end in case the animals die on the property. The stench from decomposing bodies and possible contamination can make the premises uninhabitable. That is why you need professional Bonham wildlife removal services. As a veteran-owned company, Wildlife X Team of Texoma has a team with the skills necessary for removing wildlife, whether dead or alive. 



  • Detection – Identifying a dead animal on your property may not be simple because they typically nest in hidden areas. However, one of the common indicators is the stench. Seek professional wildlife removal services in Bonham TX, if there is an unpleasant odor that worsens every day. 
  • Confirmation – Our team will inspect the area to confirm the type of animal before deciding on a removal plan. Areas we focus on include crawlspaces, attics, chimneys, walls, and vents. We offer inspections that you can take advantage of when you suspect the presence of wild animals. 
  • Removal - Unpleasant odors worsen as decomposition continues, so swift removal is necessary. Ignoring the odor and hoping it goes away is not advisable, as it could go on for months. The carcass can also attract other animals and insects that feed on the carcass, causing more problems that will cost more to rectify.



As a top-rated company on Angie, we offer the best Bonham wildlife removal services, which helps us maintain a high customer service rate and solid reputation. We are practical in our approaches and will do everything to prevent recurrent infestation. Some of our offers include:

  • 30 to 90-day guarantee on repairs
  • Free estimates
  • Reliable services focusing on lasting relief



Our clients include businesses, corporates, municipalities, and manufacturing plants. We have the resources to deliver unparalleled Bonham wildlife removal services, no matter the situation. Reach us at 580-980-2538 if you see animal feces, hear noises in air ducts, or smell a stench from hidden spaces like crawlspaces.