Athens Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons have distinctive features that make them easily recognizable. Their black-masked faces are the first feature you might notice besides their nocturnal behavior. As omnivorous animals, they feed on fruits and vegetables found in backyards. Therefore, they are likely to infest your home even though they prefer to live near water bodies. Raccoons are adaptive and can thrive anywhere, whether in urban or rural areas, which increases the chances of encountering them in your home. This makes Athens raccoon removal services essential no matter where you live.


●  In-person inspections: An inspection is mandatory when we need to create a custom raccoon removal plan. This step is vital because every homeowner's experience varies. For instance, some may have more extensive damage than others, requiring different approaches. Our raccoon removal services in Athens TX do not fail because we do thorough inspections. We check potential entryways and establish the damage while evaluating the physical evidence of raccoon presence.

  • Raccoon trapping: Wildlife X Team of Texoma uses effective entrapment techniques that will not expose the raccoons to unnecessary harm or injury. We customize the entrapment options to target the species of interest without sacrificing our ability to capture all the critters causing nuisance.

●  Removal, exclusion, and repairs: Athens raccoon removal services are not complete without exclusion, which is the most effective wildlife control method. After we relocate the raccoons, we restore your home by eliminating all their traces. We do a deep cleaning to remove their droppings and urine traces, then fix all the destroyed components. All our repairs have a guarantee.


We know raccoons can bring your business to a standstill, and our aim is to prevent that from happening. Our raccoon removal services in Athens TX are suitable for various buildings, including:

●  Apartment complexes

  • Government buildings and courthouses
  • Industrial plants and warehouses

●  Commercial institutions


You can count on us for various wildlife control and removal services, from wildlife prevention to clean-up after critter removal. We have a history of serving clients diligently across multiple industries. Our goal is always to minimize damage by critters and restore your property to its pre-infestation condition. Contact our experts today – 580-980-2538.