Ardmore Wildlife Removal Services

As our urban landscapes continue to encroach upon natural habitats, encounters with wildlife become increasingly common. Whether it's a mischievous raccoon rummaging through your garbage, a family of squirrels making a nest in your attic, or a persistent skunk spraying its pungent odor, the need for professional assistance in handling these situations becomes evident. This is where our Ardmore wildlife removal services come in. 

Wildlife X Team of Texoma offers a specialized and humane approach to dealing with these encounters, ensuring the safety of both humans and the animals involved. Our wildlife removal services in Ardmore OK employ a range of techniques, from capture and relocation to prevention and exclusion. We follow a systematic approach to remove unwanted animals safely and effectively from residential or commercial properties.



Our steps may vary depending on the situation and the type of wildlife involved. Here are the typical steps followed when offering our Ardmore wildlife removal services:

·   Assessment and Inspection – The first step is to conduct a thorough assessment of the property to identify the type of wildlife present, their entry points, and any potential risks or damages caused.

  • Planning and Strategy – Based on the assessment, a comprehensive removal strategy is formulated. This includes determining the most effective and humane methods to remove the wildlife while minimizing harm to both the animals and the property.
  • Trapping and Capture – Traps and other capture devices are set up strategically to safely capture the targeted wildlife.
  • Removal and Relocation – Once the wildlife has been safely captured, removal experts transport them to a suitable relocation site, preferably a natural habitat away from human-populated areas.
  • Repairs and Exclusion – After the wildlife has been removed, any entry points or damage caused by the animals are repaired or sealed off.
  • Cleanup and Sanitation – Depending on the extent of the infestation, a thorough cleanup of the affected areas may be necessary.

·   Prevention and Education – Wildlife removal services often provide recommendations and guidance to property owners on how to prevent future wildlife encounters.

It's important to note that wildlife invasion can vary based on your location, proximity to natural habitats, and local ecological factors. Seek immediate wildlife removal services in Ardmore OK, if you suspect a wildlife invasion.



Do you need Ardmore wildlife removal services that you can rely on? Wildlife X Team of Texoma will not disappoint. Contact us at 580-434-8360 for a free estimate.