Ardmore Wildlife Control Companies

Animal control is the removal of wildlife from residential properties to prevent potential damages they can cause. Wild animals can be dangerous and destructive when left to roam freely, hence the importance of wildlife removal and control. Ardmore wildlife control companies specialize in such services, making them easily accessible.



What happens to the trapped wildlife?

As one of the few wildlife control companies in Ardmore OK that prioritize humane handling of the animals, we aim for harmless removal. We catch and release the animals away from your property, but we also put corrective measures in place to ensure they do not return. That includes exclusion and sealing all entry points. We can install vent guards, chimney caps, and caulking.

What animals do you handle?

We remove rodents and birds, such as rats, squirrels, beavers, bats, pigeons, and raccoons. Our team has the skills and tools to complete each task efficiently. We are passionate about our job, so we aim for excellence every time. We can give you the complete list of animals we handle whenever you contact us. As a veteran-owned company, we prioritize customer service. You can be sure of the utmost value for money.   

Why is wildlife control by Ardmore wildlife control companies important?

Wildlife can damage various sections of a property and cause diseases. The longer you leave them in the house or business area, the more you compromise your safety and health. Our control process involves determining the reason for the intrusion rather than removal only.



We offer inspections before the job to establish the hiding places and entryways of the animals. We assess the property afterward to ensure disinfection of every area. 

Factors setting us apart from other wildlife control companies in Ardmore OK are:

●      We have high ratings on Angie

●      We are a veteran and family-owned business

●      We value our customers



Wildlife X Team of Texoma is here to protect your home or business. We understand the financial strain of constructing a house or starting a business and will only send an award-winning team to assist you. Contact us if you want the best that Ardmore wildlife control companies offer.