Ardmore Attic Insulation Contractors

The insulation forms a barrier between outdoor elements and your home. The insulation material creates a layer that prevents heat energy transfer between the attic and the rest of the house. That means cold air remains where it should be, leaving the rest of the house warm, which reduces the need for overusing heating appliances. The increased comfort and reduced HVAC use are the main advantages homeowners experience from insulation, but only if the job is done right. Ardmore attic insulation contractors from Wildlife X Team of Texoma understand the problems that can arise from poor insulation installation and are available to prevent them.


  • We assess the attic and give an estimate: We offer free in-person inspections and a quote at the initial stage to avoid discrepancies later. We value transparency, and issuing an accurate quote after determining the extent of damage enables us to uphold it. The thorough inspections also help us create an ideal cause of action. Our attic insulation contractors in Ardmore OK will visit your premises for the evaluation.
  • We remove the old insulation and repair damages: Contamination on the old insulation is usually high when wildlife infests the attic. Our team will remove it, inspect it underneath, and repair all openings we find. We also remove dead critters and animal droppings from the attic and disinfect the entire area to eliminate lingering disease-causing parasites.
  • New insulation installation: Installing new insulation is the final step after we are satisfied with the cleanliness of the attic. The blow-in method allows our Ardmore attic insulation contractors to cover every inch of the attic, giving you the ultimate coverage and associated merits. We strive to complete the job within the shortest duration but follow due process.


Insulation installation requires trained professionals. Poor installation usually leads to an insufficient material layer, which allows air transfer between the attic and other rooms. That makes the insulation useless, as you will still have energy efficiency issues. Our technicians possess all the necessary qualities you may need, such as:

  • High ratings from previous clients
  • Excellent customer satisfaction rate
  • Experience and expertise


Our Ardmore attic insulation contractors are available at  580-980-2538. Schedule an inspection today.