Pest Control

Home Invaded by Pests?

Out of sight doesn't mean of out of mind. Household pests like ants and cockroaches are much more than a nuisance. They are a viable threat to the structure of your home and people's health within it. Wildlife X Team provides a total pest solution. Our trained specialist will remove, restore, and help prevent future pests from entering your home. No matter the season, it’s important to keep pests out of your home all year long, and keeping them out isn’t a one-time event. Our Wildlife X Team specialists deliver customized protection backed by science to rid your home of pests year-round. Don't wait until it's too late — call Wildlife X Team® Texoma today. 580.980.2538

Common Household Pests

Ants: Ants are known to enter your home and are attracted to places with high food traffic such as kitchens and patios. Ant colonies average 300,000 to 500,000 in size. Some species of ants are known to dig tunnels in wood beams causing foundation issues for your home. The biggest concern with ants is food contamination. Ants carry a bacteria on their bodies that can contaminate food. 

Fleas: Fleas are best known to affect your furry friends. When fleas bite, they leave the subject with a swollen and itchy spot. Fleas are also known to transmit several diseases. Fleas can become an issue in your home when their host, such as mice or rats, die and they have to find a new host to live. It's best to let the professionals at Wildlife X Team handle these annoying pests. 

Stinging Insects: This group includes bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, and scorpions. These pests are often harmless but can cause serious pain and allergic reactions. Stinging insects are known to build their nests and habitats around homes and yards. They are aggressive and their stings are very painful and can cause numbness and swelling.

Termites: These pests can have devastating effects on your home. Termites are known for being stealthy and often you don't notice them until it's too late. Termites' main source of food is from a cellulose-based plant. All homes provide termites with this food readily. Termites are not something to handle yourself, you need Wildlife X Team's staff of professionals to help with your problem. 

Cockroaches: Cockroaches are some of the most difficult pests to handle. They breed incredibly fast and find hiding places throughout your home. They are also incredibly durable pests and difficult to remove. Cockroaches are known carriers of bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella. Thier feces may also trigger allergies and asthma. If you find a cockroach in your home you need to give Wildlife X Team® Texoma a call today! 580.980.2538

Wildlife X Team Pest Services

With professional training and the right equipment, your Wildlife X Team specialist will look for conditions that invite pests, tackle current infestations, and stop their life cycle to prevent future invaders. Your Wildlife X Team specialist will know the classification and behavior of all home pests to target their solution against common pests like termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and more.